December 3, 2010

although my inner molly jensen is save to correct some of you in yesterday’s condolences;

i cannot, in good conscience,  allow those of you to still falsely believe yesterday’s toothless photograph is me.

i am shocked and flattered (even if she is missing a front tooth) that anyone of you would actually think that was me.

c’mon, it’s demi moore. i’ll take ANY comparison i can get, even if it is her twin, meth addicted sister.

nancy meyers? i’m smelling a script??!??!?

but alas, twas not me.

my vanity did not allow a camera within a 6 mile radius whilst my tooth was amiss.


  • um, i totally don't believe it. apparently you = demi moore!

  • You have been on my mind and I've been meaning to pop over and say hi. I can't believe you lost a tooth! So sorry to hear this! But I'm sure it will all be fixed very soon. Hope you are able to enjoy the weekend! It feels like it's flying by!

    xo Mary Jo

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