m’loves, riddle me your plans of weekend treat.

i will be working the whole way through.

{giant, dramatic, lea michele sigh}

i hope you’re getting a giggle from these silhouettes.

designer, wilhelm stahaele, handcuts these vintage silhouettes,

and then adds his own tasty dash of naughty and quip.

each had me chuckling louder than the next.

{ill advised when sitting alone, attempting to maintain that grunge, frustrated writer, coffee house look.but now that i think of it, my extra shiny penny loafers and cotton candy pink ribbon bracelet ridiculed any angst image i was trying to create}

who am i kidding? i’m a preppy poser at heart.

according to wilhelm’s website, when he’s not frightening small children with his disfiguring looks he schleps his works for profit.

i’ve saved my favorite for last.

shitstorm is a pet and prized term in our household.

we use it like mustard. and we put mustard on EVERYTHING.

{last night i had a touch of egg salad with my mustard}

happy weekend dears.