March 23, 2011

after a dry spell i’m finally back in lust with the written word.

silly me for straying from those who have proved so loyal to me time and again.

my heart thumps a bit heavier as the pages i’ve read rival the number of pages i have left to read.

what next?

how do i continue my evening tryst?

according to mrs burns this was amazing.

any other suggestions?

also how are you all doing in your march madness brackets?



i’m hoping for a ‘crime and punishment’ upset. but the odds are on jay gatsby.

personally, i think he’s paying for votes.

you can vote here.

  • The review of "The Chronology of Water" put it on the top of my list…which is short. I average one, maybe two reads a year…usually at the beach and sadly, I have to admit it's only because I can't see my computer screen out there. I usually choose from PrettyStuff's stack of finished books, but she's been reading Spanish novels since studying in Spain and well, that would take my average to about 1 book every 5 years. Thanks for the link! I might have to start early this year!! xo

  • OMG!!! I just finished Chronology of Water and it was one of the best books I have ever read. I don't even like memoirs. The fact that someone can convey that kind of feeling in words ensures that I will never put a pen to paper. Katie, I'm all geeked up that you liked the bracket enough to share here. Go Great Books!!

  • I seriously haven't been able to find a book lately that I can get into. I don't know what's up with me. If you get any good suggestions, would you pass them on? Otherwise, I think I'm just going to wander around the library this afternoon.

  • Nothing so sexy as a significant book list.


  • i always make a note of every book you have up "what's on my nightstand" ~ now that we are settled into the new home, and about to return from travels, i'm ready to check off at least one book a week. nothing makes me happier than a good book in my hands with words filling my soul.

  • Haha I wouldn't be surprised if he was. That is so like him.

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