hands in the air happy friday to you m’loves.

did your week soar by too? i need a rope to lasso down these seconds, days, moments that i feel i will never get back.

it has been a great week for me: i’m breathing deeper, more tension free breaths, and i’m wide-eye invigorated for what’s around my corner.

here’s a glance at my upcoming weekend plans which have me tapping my toes with glee:

this weekend i embark on my 3rd pilates certification. a 200 hour chunk o’spring.

i am constantly asked why i keep committing to these ventures.

it’s my job, and i genuinely love what i do. i crave new choreography, different ways to help people move easier and pain-free, and nothing is more satisfying than seeing a client improve. NOTHING!

between spinning and thigh-lifting, i plan to get mucho face time in with the hunkiest of faces on the west coast.

my man and i have been having an especially fun week watching back to back episodes of our new, favorite show, “shahs of sunset”.


please. tell me you’re watching it. we want to be best friends with MJ & REZA

somewhere, somehow i will be working these rounds of cheese into my weekend.

oh yes, they will be mine…..

i’m not sure when i’ll be able to snag my weekend nap in, but it, too, is a non-negotiable….

sunday breakfast has become a new favorite tradition with the man and me.

we rotate between three delicious haunts, this sunday calls for croissants.


mostly i’ll be soaking in the loving, calm of each blissful moment.

i control the helm of my ship. the seas may be rough outside, but i can divert course, and choose not to engage in rough waters.

choosing peace, truth and serenity renders a whirl in my heart more powerful than any free-falling roller coaster ride.

wishing the same tranquility and accord to you m’loves.

see you on the other side of sunday……