i destroy my enemies when i make them my friends.
~abraham lincoln

hostility is such a bad color on me.

kindness brings out the green in my eyes, the broad of my shoulders, the glossy of my lashes.

in 5th grade kristy holdburg told me i was fat.

i retaliated by buying her the prettiest barbie i could find on her birthday.

at said birthday party, krystal des los reyes ratted to kristy’s mom i’d been looking at a dirty magazine.

i wasn’t.

krystal had been the one perving it up in the back bathroom with a playgirl.

but i made sure to give her the skittles from my goody bag.

my beasts and i may not speak the same language, but we understand each other precisely.

i love them fierce, they worship me without strings.

different creatures bringing our own messes and art into the world.

where others see dangerous drinking holes and snarly fangs,

i see nooks of opportunity and a sibling in the school of suffer.

go ahead bite. i’ll just hug back.