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June 9, 2010

i’ve officially unplugged the televisions. the news is so enraging it’s actually driving me into top story homicide material, and the rest of the shows are so boring i find myself verifying thread count rather watching.

{ok, save for nurse jackie…but that ended monday night}

i know! i know! i know! > quiet katie!! at least you’re not an oil-slicked duck.

i’m projecting my fatigue onto everyone and everything. my pot full of peonies gracefully sag open to me today. more so than yesterday; giving my desk the prettiest, powdery pink scent. upon waking this morning i became sad and guilty though. i had asked too much of them; they were tired and wanted more dark, quiet time. this is what flowers do on their third and fourth day. they are not exhausted.

i am.

funny, i can teach 3 spin classes without any fear of losing steam; but folding one teeny-tiny basket of laundry feels like building a staircase in quicksand.


  • Oh, Katie.

    June gloom is just no fun at all. Sounds like nap time to me. =]

  • sweetnothings04

    I'm so over this gloom. I'm so unmotivated by the time I get to my desk

  • Katie..oh Katie how I've missed your fabulous humor even when your fatigued. I hear you about staircases in quicksand. What until your in your 50's. That quicksand can feel like all of the Mojave desert. July is right around the corner. Hugs to you my dear xx

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