tossed and spun

May 10, 2011

he walked away.

this father of eight, walked away.

yes, he was a bit bloody and 40 minutes after impact, he still had hand tremors so violent he asked me to take photographs with my phone, but still:

he. walked. away.

a beautiful morning. too precious for me to rush in the fast lane.

radio off, windows down, i will not succumb to the madness of the freeway blitz:

a checkerboard of 2 ton torpedos ping-ponging traverse the asphalt, clocking up to 90 miles per hour, manned by monkeys updating their facebook status and lip gloss {concurrently}.

and just like that…. poof!

i see it happen 20 seconds before they do.

two cars, two drivers, two destinations.

too fast, too unconscious, too brash.

one swerve, one slam, 4 flips.

immeasurable damage.

drive safe m’loves.

remember the responsibility and privilege of the present.

  • like my mother always says, "it's not you I'm worried about – it's everyone else." frighteningly true.


  • oh wow, how scary! this hits home and reminds me of when my sister was in an accident, only broken bones and one dead car. Thank goodness it was only the car that didn't walk away!

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