as the weather gets warmer my music taste definitely brightens with the california sunshine.

lately i’ve been diving back into my sixties french pop.

10th grade, madame jester’s french class: i was a goner with just one play of françoise hardy’s “tous les garçons et les filles du mon age.”

since then i’ve been in deep smit with the french lassies of the yė yė movement: a musical style lead by females {yee-haw}, mostly in europe, during the 1960’s. heavily influenced by the french radio show “salut les copains” where each week a new sweetheart would debut her new song, these girls typically sang sweet lullabies to love lost, love longed for, and all with the innocence of pigtails. these debutantes typically soared straight to number 1.

france gall

chantal goya

sylvie vartan

christine delaroche {this entire video needs to be a 10-page, glossy, fall editorial}.

chantal kelly {love this song: watch it buddy!!: fragile heart here.}

mireille mathieu {less pop, more piaf, but packs a punch nonetheless…great for sunday morning coffee}.

even if you don’t fancy the music, the style alone of these damsels française
is enough to get lost in you-tube land and google-image country.

wednesday happy m’loves