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weekend happy

July 29, 2011

i have been in a constant state of giggles for the last 2 days. i had no idea how much conversation safe word would spark. along with the comments, friends and family have been, emailing, texting, calling, and face-booking with their ick words; so many of them which i say on a daily basis. it’s baffling what words drive y’all to drink.

here’s a partial list of some of them:



rally {as in to get up and go}

party {as a verb}



caramel {but only when pronounced “care-ah-mel”}

authentic {used as a describing someone}

pop-up store


mozzarella {but only when giada de laurentiis utters it; my friend this as ammunition to NOT learn how to cook}





panties {especially when said by a man}

enjoy {when food is served}








now these aren’t technically words, but there were big problems with the sayings: “it is what it is,” and: “bring it in for the real thing,” which apparently means “give me a hug”.

then there were the more bodily ick words:

phlegm, pus, mucous, secretions, john boehner, and of course: vagina.

on that note, weekend happy to you m’loves. wishing you an ick free 48 hours.

see you on the other side of sunday.

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currently digging

July 28, 2011

big, fat juicy summer cherries.

berry stained lips. 

my sweet-sounding bangles.

new art for the home. check this girl out.

homemade bouquets from the garden.

and i’m LOVING this book. this guy nails tee-rash like nuttin’ i ever read.

what are you currently digging?

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safe word: cute

July 27, 2011

do you have some words that give you the ick? i don’t mean profanity or bodily functioning words. i’m talking about completely acceptable words {to some} that for some reason, when you read, hear or say them, your body becomes a histamine releasing, shoulder shimmying, un-hostess-like vessel, sending you into bonkers-ville.

i do.

for example, i have a friend who cringes over “bev-nap”. we both share a disdain for “moist”.

i have recently launched an offensive against the use of “sunnies”, an absurd term seeming to have swept through the fashion blogosphere whence referring to one’s sunglasses. i cannot control my own bile when i read this word.

face. i’m not a fan of the word face. it’s just so…… facial. although, for a word i dislike so much i will say i use it often.

trough. i detest this word. but more because of my incapacity to remember how to properly pronounce it. when read out loud i want to say “trou” as in rhymes with “cow”…as in “drop trou”. or i want to rhyme it with “tough”. if i see it up ahead in a sentence….even if i’m just quietly reading to myself, i’ll start jonesing for ativan just to quell the rising anxiety of getting through the silly passage. i mean, come one? do we really need this word any more? when was the last time you actually saw an actual trough? lemme guess? were there pigs? can’t we just call it a feeding bin?

but the end all, banned from the house, say it and you’re sleeping in the car word is: sexy.

hate it! hate it! hate it!

always have. i’d rather hunkiest tell me i have an ass-face then tell me i am or look sexy.

just typing this, my hair follicles {ew…another non-fave} are starting to prickle, and my shoulders are trying to dodge right and left away from the discomfort i’m feeling writing said banned word.

i have others: soda, sneaker, preserves {more of a husband thing…he won’t have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, it has to be peanut butter & preserves wtf??}, guac {as in guacamole}, nudity.

not to worry m’loves. i see a psychiatrist regularly. two of my favorite words are: ” i see.

do you have words?

wednesday happy to you.

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a message

July 26, 2011

fuck you cancer.

stop messing with the ones i love.

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une nuit a paris.

July 25, 2011

sunday night, hunkiest and i stole away to paris for woody allen’s latest.

luckily our favorite theatre happened to be showing said flick. a newport beach institution since 1938 when it premiered neighbor bette davis’ ‘jezebel’, the lido regency is a walk back in time “when women smoked and chatted in the ladies room, while arranging their makeup.” every single inch of the building, down to each tile, has been restored to its original 1930′s look. typically the lido tries to show more independent, less blockbuster type films. a win, win.

seaside duds.

those before.

sugar sugar. red vines pour moi, peanut m & m’s pour lui.

making out is better on the balcony.

and lemonade always tastes better pink.

movie was sweet. without mademoiselle paris as a co-star it would have fallen trés short.

monday happy to you m’loves.

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happy weekend

July 22, 2011

kick those heels high m’loves.

let off some steam, love on each other, hug longer, relax those shoulders.

enjoy the view.



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grilled cheese thursday

July 21, 2011




*let me be clear: i don’t know much about miss wendi, and i really don’t want to know. she’s NONE of my business. and i don’t trust anything i read anymore; which is exactly {and rightly so} why her husband is under investigation. what i do trust is my naked i. and her flying across the room to protect her family {whether i think he’s good or bad} is awesome in my book.

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give me a beat boys and free my soul….

July 20, 2011

i’m in the center part of summer’s sandy, beach blown hair.

today i’m going to dance down the middle like it’s my own, free for all katie runway.

cartwheels, peace signs, booty-shakers-all need apply.

let’s drift away m’loves.

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steal away to the cinema

July 19, 2011

a couple of hot, steamy sundays ago, hunkiest and i stole away to a cool, air-conditioned movie theater to see “tree of life“.

a stunning, heartbreaking, brain-swirling film-i adored it. my husband did not.

strokes different, folks different. marriage.

we do love a great, dramatic {me}, days on debate though, especially when it involves a movie we have seen.

i think that’s a sign of fabulous movie. yes?

here are a three other movies i’m eager to see before summer’s end.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

i think hunkiest would like to hire “buck” for me sometimes.

“the devil’s double” just looks sick scary. if 5% of it is actually true, that just makes it all the scarier.

and vera farmiga? so wonderful.

see you at the movies m’loves.

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buenos dias mi amigos

July 18, 2011

i’m back.


from the lack of posting and tweeting it should have been apparent i was removed and relaxing.

just what the 4 different doctors ordered.

here’s what bliss looks like to me:

a patio with an ocean {hidden in photo} and palm trees wishing you good morning and goodnight. 

sand, sea and salty friends making breakfast’s finest companions.

in the distance our cabana beds await for afternoon napping and silly.

mexican coffee and huevos rancheros compete with the pacific’s baby’s blues.

no need to leave the resort for tours in punta mita’s exotic wilderness or journey out ziplining adventure. the walk to our room alone was a trek through iguana-ville and a jungle in stereo sound.

happy girl.

happy girl. hunky boy.

not retouched. {kills me, cause i look like shit}

lobby love.

just plain, old fashion love.

sad girl leaving the hotel.

so my twitch actually went away. we arrived home saturday night, and then next morning when i awoke  twitchy was gone.

sunday consisted of an all day celebratory family dance party {beast included}

unfortunately waking up today, twitchy has returned.

oh well, at least i had a beautiful week.

monday happy to you m’loves.

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