good monday morning to you m’loves! 

i hope the weekend provided the time you needed to reboot, indulge and savor summer’s last drops of carefree abandon. 

thank you so much for your votes. most of them were via text and talk, although the stunning niloofar did comment “in” her opinion….the majority of you casted a ballot as follows:

a resounding bon mots for the fingers. i am tickled with this shimmer. although i know mary jo matsumoto planned for these to be fall colors, i’m definitely rocking the casbah with this silvery-gold shade here in early, gulp!, make that mid-august. this charlie’s angels sparkle is completely fulfilling every fantasy of making it past the studio 54 velvet rope, dancing with bianca jagger, channeling my inner 70’s fearless, glam girl, as i shake down the blazing-hot, new york city town, looking for an all-night party. arms in the air, head shake to the left……double hip shimmy to the right. 

same thing with wilde blue yonder. this pop-art, cobalt blue has me playing fantasy footsie with capote, minnelli, halston, warhol- all the great art and fashion glitterati of that reckless and devil-may-care decade that unfortunately saw the music eventually die with the onset of aids and drug overdose after drug overdose.

way to bring everyone down….i know. it’s my thing. that’s maybe why i’m not the party girl i so fantasize to be. 

but it’s always been my favorite fashionable decade, and this new laguna libertine trio definitely gets me there.

i’ve been shaking my groove thing all weekend long.

in fact, to get your week going how about a little monday morning dance party for all?

turn it up loud. clear some furniture space, and let’s get REAL!!!