wednesday cups of kisses to you dear ones.

i have turned into a complete yoga monster.

my written exam is TONIGHT!! i think that takes me to 188 hours out of my 200 for completion.

nothing much to see here today.

please join me on a little jaunt up to sonoma where i’m guest posting at reverie-daydream; the beautiful blog of my exquisite friend, melissa mccardle.

just writing her name, m-e-l-i-s-s-a, puts a smile on my face and sends peace into my body.

along with her magical words, which match so lovely next to photographs and paintings by her own mc’dreamy, husband sean {california’s next giant hit in the art world}, melissa also runs an online boutique full of unique and earth-friendly treasures. each find is more thrilling than the next, and has a special story behind it. i have been the beneficiary of many of these gems.

grateful doesn’t seem large enough a word for how i feel for mel’s sweet friendship.

wednesday happy to you m’loves.