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October 21, 2011

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 sunday night, 10pm est, on the OWN network, the tom ford Visionaries documentary will finally air. one hour in length, the designer and filmmaker will go in front of the camera for the first time. ford opens up about his time at gucci, where he took an almost bankrupt fashion house and whipped it back in en vogue, literally. the designer turned filmmaker recounts being laughed at when making his critically acclaimed, oscar nominated film, a single man. he also canvases his 20-year plus relationship with richard buckley, and divulges he has a 3-5 baths a day habit {see tom and i already have something in common}.

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here ford talks about leaving gucci and his foray into film.

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in another clip, this one ford describes his return to fashion.

happy watching m’loves.

see you on the other side of sunday.

  • Ooh, I need to set my DVR too! Have a great weekend, Katie!

  • I've always been kind of obsessed with him for the obvious reasons, insanely good looking, incredibly lucky, never went to fashion school, did I mention good looking? Although I do hope he gives Dominick De Sole and Dawn Mello the credit for the gucci turn around. Did you see the Sundance interview he did with Damien Hirst–I loved seeing him so star struck. Love how art stars make everyone panic and sweat.

    Have a great weekend–hope you're feeling better (I'm still in bed, ugh!)

    xo Mary Jo

  • How do you like the OWN network? Is there anything else noteworthy on there?

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