happy friday kittens. it’s been so lovely reconnecting with you. please let me know here or on instagram what you want to see on GNI.

for now, i leave you with a few things i’m loving on this friday:

buru just released their new southern coterie collection. what i love about buru is that all of their garments are washable—these clothes are designed by a mom, made for moms. they’ve been created with the intention that you can go from the office to the soccer field and if you get mud and spit-up on your blazer, you’re not going to double-fist whispering angel to numb the pain. not into the mom-life? i feel you. you can still wear these super fun, feminine, flattering, COMFORTABLE, clothes. i do recommend having a steamer or iron though, they come out of the laundry wrinkly. i’m a big fan of their swing coats and twirly skirts. below are a few of my favorites from the new collection.

i have to be camera-ready today and the hateful cameraman won’t use the kendalljennerfilter on me. the next best thing is this mask from meder. i get them from knockout beauty.com and they give me as close to a filtered face as you can get. cayli cavaco reck IS the leader in the beauty industry with her cutting edge information, latest product offererings and bespoke service. i can’t recommend her boutiques and her instagram lives enough.

it is a good time to be a fiction reader. i am in battle of the novels right now, currently duking it out between charmaine wilkerson’s black cake and hanya yahagihara’s to paradise. both are equally engrossing and great stories; i feel so often authors forget how to story tell. i’m treading on tiptoe though through to paradise, it’s been close to 6 years since, after finishing hanya yanagihara’s a little life, i had to lock myself in a carry-on suitcase so my family wouldn’t hear my crying; the bags under my eyes have just now abated. i’m not sure my botox can endure another 1/2 decade weeping jag. rumor has it, this latest tale isn’t as annihilating.

what about you? anything you’re loving on? spill it!

wishing you a weekend of bodies bent in half in laughter, a night of sleep or nap not requiring the governor of time, and deep, full exhales more powerful than prozac.

weekend happy to you m’loves.