i exhaled any last remnants of grief into the bottom of the pool this afternoon.

my toes are now webbed from the time spent eeling and dolphining my way back and forth under the bridge from hh’s chair to my secret alcove of imaginary fish friends.

splash splash all day long. swimming away from all the monsters back home.

just like it’s impossible to sneeze with your eyes open, i’m incapable of swimming without grinning ear to ear; especially the deeper the water. maybe that’s why the “adult pool” suddenly morphed into the “katie pool” as the day passed.

no bother to me. such a pity the others are missing such a wonderful underwater party. everyone looks beautiful and feels weightless subaquatic. we i just bounce around all day with my own personal snuggly undersea trampoline. i make floppy flips, splashy backward somersaults, shimmy out a number or two from grease 2, and bee-bop to the steel drum band at the bar.

utterly exhausted. a respite: drying out under the cabana for rest, reprieve, and re-fueling for the afternoon’s repeat sessions.

start to notice though there weren’t any patrons for the latter performances.

hmmmm? maybe next time something more recent, like teen witch?

bringing home silly for souvenirs.

accessory for summer is the uncontrollable giggle.

if you don’t have one, get thee one now!