although four months old, tracks from M83’s hurry up, we’re dreaming are still played daily, both around the house, in yoga and in spin class.

i can’t get enough of this album.

yesterday another re-mix of midnight city was released, and you can be sure you’ll be hearing it on a playlist or two.

wait used to get the final rose in the whose-my-favorite-song-ceremony, but i’ve been a bit too heavy-handed with it in class, and i can now only associate it with warrior-1 transitioning into humble warrior, hold for 6 breaths…..#alwaysthinkingyogaclass.

 outro has now slid into the top spot for chanson favorité. its moody, melancholic, painfully slow build up into a rockin’ crescendo, followed by baby-soft piano is just the perfect amount of drama i need in my life…

here’s a listen….tell me what you think.

01 Midnight City (Eric Prydz Private Remix)

1-05 Wait

2-11 Outro

what are you currently loving on your speakers?

thursday happy to you m’loves!