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January 31, 2012


if you could go away for a month, all expenses paid, where would i get my postcard from?

would it be somewhere hidden deep, in a thick, lush jungle ?

perhaps a stay in a deluxe and glorious chateau castlewithin the heart of french wine country?

or maybe a beach, where the only link to the outside world is a rowboat?

how about a cozy cabin for two in the middle of nowhere, with only a vista of green and sky of azure to keep you company?

i definitely have wanderlust on the brain.

do any of these strike your matchbook of fancy?

i think i’m leaning toward option number four…… but i could go for any of the above.

where are you currently trending for escape?

  • I know I said the Himalayas, but all expense paid would probably mean Claridges {shopping and shipping on portebello road included of course} + the rest of the time at hotel de russe in rome {shopping at valentino's downstairs also included}. I have shopping and travel on the brain right now!

    xo mary jo

  • all expenses paid?! take me to a a dreamy cabin in big sur please. I feel very california centric as i haven't left the state in awhile, so since i'm allowed to dream big in this post, i'd also like to go back to a cottage in england! or how about a zenful retreat to japan!

  • There are just so many places I want to go. At the top of my list? Scotland. Ireland. Spain. The Grand Canyon. Napa. The Olympic Peninsula. I could use a little quiet and definitely a whole lot of time outdoors. (Clearly, I need to hike somewhere this weekend.)

  • A beach a beach! Could so use that right now – also a cabin is a close 2nd! 🙂

  • San Francisco. Always. But next time I don't want to leave.

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