tuesday we spent the day in montauk.

a little more surfer, blithe, less penny loafer than the rest of the hamptons….montauk picks up the slacker leftover from the highfalutin party people to the southwest. 

we nary ran into a crowd lest they be seagulls checking in for their daily coffee klutch at one of the many abandoned docks.

i’m on a conquest to bring a gaggle of buoys home to hang round the house…..in the hopes friends will come dock their boats for play. 

at duryea’s lobster deck, their was no concealing the nerdy tourists with our elbows deep into clam chowder bowls and tongue scraping every last bit of lobster roll from the chinette plates. not very highbrow, but worth the belly bliss. 

we made a stop at the super-cool hotel the surf lodge, a trendy montauk adult playground which resembles summer camp….only with cocktails and a dj.

even during the off-hours, the lobby still shouted fun and silly. i made sure to test each chair for hoopla potential. neither disappointed. 

beach cruisers are the vehicle of choice at the surf lodge, free to all guests to use. 

t’was a lovely day made even more merry with a stop off at jack’s stir brew coffee

i made sweet, magic love to their organic, fair-trade, shade grown roast. 

wednesday happy to you m’loves.