oscar round up

February 27, 2012

on the whole, i thought last night’s show was rather meh in both the sartorial and entertainment arenas.

i had the sense that most of the nominees and presenters would have given their most recent restalyne fill to have gotten out of last night’s gig, aka the international, public intervention to get angelina jolie to eat a cookie. we’ve got you on the telly, angelina….there’s no hiding now, you must EAT!

so while i didn’t think there were any showstoppers, here’s a gaggle of my favorite oscar frocks:

 gwenyth paltrow in tom ford.

rose byrne in vivienne westwood.

 jessica chastain in alexander mcqueen

kate mara in jack guisso couture.

 michelle williams in louis vuitton.

no surprises, and very safe. what about you m’loves?

which frocks made you swoon?

monday happy to you.



  • I rather liked Sarah Hyland's dress too! But yeah, most people were pretty safe I thought…

  • I was kind of upset that I devoted my time to an oscar party and half the people didn't even walk the red carpet, and everyone seemed so afraid of ending up on the worst dressed list that they picked things that made me want to fall asleep…in fact I think i did dose off. anywho, loved the tom ford, the red l.v. with vintage diamond brooch and the rest was pretty uninspiring i thought. and why were there 10+ fashion correspondants when tim gunn would suffice? so don't get it… it was fun to see your tweet though!

    xo mary jo

  • I loved Meryl Streep's glasses on her! 😀 And my jaw did drop at Angelina Jolie's obvious eating disorder,but I don't keep up with the who's-who and what's-what much.

  • Loved Gwenyths dress and liked Cameron Diaz's too (I don't normally like her fashion sense) but wish she slicked her hair or had it straight – didn't go with the dress. J Lo looked amazing and after seeing her in person the woman does have the most amazing skin I have ever seen. My neighbor is in the biz and while he liked it (I had an oscar party and he gives us all the inside scoop) while I felt it was a little boring and uneventful unlike the Golden Globes where there is a little more excitement. I thought Meryl looked like an Oscar but i really wanted Viola Davis to win. I had seen all the movies this year which were all a big YAWN! I agree with Steph – we were watching Angelina and my girlfriend texted me and said she looked like a twig in Hanzel and Gretel. What's up with that arm pose anyway.

  • best dressed: gwenyth.

  • Love all of the above but yes, all safe and looked like they all had the same hairdresser, dermo, stylist and whatever else is needed in Hollywood. That awkward right leg swing of Angie's was very odd, but I guess now they are saying she was egged on by the paps who were yelling for her to show a leg. If the most drama all night was a bony knee, them someone's gotta pull the carpet out from under them…

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