on the whole, i thought last night’s show was rather meh in both the sartorial and entertainment arenas.

i had the sense that most of the nominees and presenters would have given their most recent restalyne fill to have gotten out of last night’s gig, aka the international, public intervention to get angelina jolie to eat a cookie. we’ve got you on the telly, angelina….there’s no hiding now, you must EAT!

so while i didn’t think there were any showstoppers, here’s a gaggle of my favorite oscar frocks:

 gwenyth paltrow in tom ford.

rose byrne in vivienne westwood.

 jessica chastain in alexander mcqueen

kate mara in jack guisso couture.

 michelle williams in louis vuitton.

no surprises, and very safe. what about you m’loves?

which frocks made you swoon?

monday happy to you.