three days in and, so far, miss november is rubbing me sweet disposition.

i’m digging the easy, breezy no drama, non-sally ways about her.

there are a couple of other things pricking my fancy this week:

nails, short, to the point and a deep shiraz, mannerly staving off any balderdash that may lurk in my path. 

i can’t remember the last time i left the house without hat on head. my newest one provides me, not only the precious annonymity i so crave {these newport streets and the paps that patrol can be thorny}, but also ministers me with ardent freckle and melasma protection.

my daily greens: a kale, apple, cucumber, ginger & garlic cocktail of yum. i need them as much as my coffee.

and finally the whole album is finally available for purchase. my poor spin class is so over the 4 songs i was able to bootleg last august. thank god for them there is new florence meat. i highly recommend the entire album. hunkiest, the beast and i have been dancing around the house for days, loving every single track.

yes, this song, was released last month, but it sends me nonetheless. it’s a solid, stomp your feet, wave you hands in the air, shake it out kind of anthem. i encourage you to join me.

what are you currently diggin?

thursday happy m’loves.