legs in the words of neil diamond, “hello my friend, hello.”

i’ve had a technological imposed vacation away from y’all where i filled my time with toffee consumption-that’s with a {T} and i’m talking 12oz boxes at a sitting, and booty shaking—that’s with a {B} and i’m talking sasha fierce


i am sitting here on fantastic news. news i can’t wait to share concerning my job: an honor bestowed upon me which i consider my “oscar” nomination since i’ve been teaching fitness.

i know: #lameosayswhat #everthedramaprincess

this morning i was like a caffeinated cricket. bounding and pouncing up and down the stairs with joy and excitement.


but every leap is a little bit heavier than it should be. days ago i found out that one of my best friends of 14 years is battling stage four cancer. news like this changes not just the clichéd outlook on life, it changes the way you suck in air, like it’s through a tiny, clogged straw pushed up out of a cramped manhole, and you’re taking turns with 6 other hyperventilating freaks. 

the moon and night sky look different too. suddenly they have faces of counsel, listening to my pleas for recovery and mend; giving comfort to my sad, furious heart.

i’ve already made a deal with the angels that i’d trade my next twenty years of teaching if it meant she’d be ok. 


and she will be ok. i know it. anyone who, with one raise of her perfectly-shaped-chanel-shaded brow, can make scalding hot wonton soup, simultaneously spew out of my eyes and nose {wonton intact}, surely possesses super-powers beyond us mere humanoids. she is a well of strength and beauty and loved by so many. won’t you please add to that and send her healing thoughts, prayers, and loving vibes? thank you m’loves.

i love you j.