me neither.

the last few weeks has been one heated, nasty, name-calling, head butting, index finger to the eye, chess game with mr. sandman. if i’m pushed i’ll even throw out a yo mamma….

so far i’m winning the slurs, but i’m losing at the shut-eye.

i don’t think i can bump my bedtime up any earlier. i practically have to slather my body in spf 30 and wear sunglasses as i prep for bed. the UV index is still so high when i turn in for the night’s endeavor to hustle restoration, i’m afraid i’ll get sunburned through the windows. 

falling asleep is no problem. i crash like i’ve been tranquilized. staying in dreamland is where my quandary presents itself.

maybe part of my insomnia is because i can’t stop playing this song? do you love it? i’m obsessed with this charli xcx girl. 

the middle-of-the-night dance parties with the beasts do nothing to tire me out, alas.

i digress.

i’ve been reading about the insomnia diet: it says to keep your caffeine low. ok, that doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out…..but then again…i do teach pilates for a living. it also recommends keeping one’s sodium low, which should be easy, everything tastes too salty for me anyway, and upping one’s amino acid L-trytophan uptake: nuts, beans, brown rice, and spinach. which is pretty much my dinner as it is, but without the beans. i don’t really like them. but i’m less fond of these purple rings beneath my eyes. 

i’ll give it a month. 

game on!