monday morning lovely to you.

please tell me you, too, enjoyed a weekend which was glossy and blithe.

although t’was not even 24 hours in length, hunky hubby and i made the most of our getaway to my favorite american city: san francisco. it was my mother-in-law’s 70th birthday celebration and we wouldn’t have missed it!

a cozy, family-only meal for 10, we feted this exquisite matriarch up rightly.

my boy loves his mama. it’s reason 5,3561 why i’m lady gaga for him.

all the single ladies listen up: make sure you find a man who treats his mother like a queen. that way, he’ll know how to treat you like a princess.

albeit too short we had a splendid trip. surprisingly our most fun was to be had at the john wayne, orange county airport.

waiting for our flight, we ponied up to the new javi’s restaurant, an off shoot of the ultra trendy javier’s-cantina in crystal cove, where the trick to getting passed the doorman requires a DDDD saline bust line, a one digit IQ, and an andy cohen 6-series episode, bravotv deal. although the food is delicious, the crowd at javiers-cantina is nauseating. i try to avoid it like a mid-calf hemline. javi’s was such a delightful surprise. we loaded up on our favorite salsa and chips, and washed down a few, pre-flight cocktails. we’re so bummed we can only enjoy this place in transit. 

sunday morning brunch.

pancakes so fluffy i could throw a duvet cover over them for him, coffee for me. while i love to travel, the flying does twists and high-kicks to my stomach. a gold medal in tumbling to my intestines! i’m not sure if it’s nerves or what but my systems rejects all forms of travel. the view from the 16th floor helped to settle my fretfulness and anxiety though.

a giant thumb’s down!

here’s me none to happy to get back on a plane home. my favorite city, with a ton of my favorite people, and i didn’t even get to schedule one, single meet & greet for a quick kiss hello.

a longer visit and more down time for the next trip. 

i have a busy week ahead. i’m currently typing amidst carpenters, painters, and electricians as the house is getting a little freshen up.

the tool belts and construction boots around here are giving me a hankering to demand an impromptu YMCA number by all, right here in the family room. priscilla is currently searching for her fireman costume…….

until then let this get the party started for the week {turn it up loud!}:

check back tomorrow and see what i come up with.

monday happy! love,