happiness is a new day.

another chance, another audition for one’s shiniest, sweetest, best-tasting life.

a stab to re-do all the mistakes and oversights made in the past, such as last’s night midnight face dive into my mom’s homemade, spinach quiche. clearly an overestimation of my metabolism, my hunger, and my major misread of stomach emptiness versus my anxiety with the reoccurring smoke alarm party we seem to be having. i’m planning on sending evites out for the next one by the way so check your spam box. 

what a gift to get to retrace steps originally tromped in shoes faulty.  i may be a few rungs lower, but i’m still holding on to that life ladder, and i can see what direction i’m heading. 

up. up. up. 

happiness is a new day. bliss is knowing there’s also tomorrow.

wednesday honey to you m’loves.