well so much for the good night sleep diet

last night, my tummy full of l-tryptophan, and free of caffeine, salt and sugar, i embedded myself between sheet and mattress for what i had hoped to be a solid 9 hours+ of reclaimed sleep.

three hours in to my salvaged slumber, a beast by my foot, a hunky man to my left, another beast exiled groveling to the floor, ousted off the bed due to excessive chatter and her non-neighborly ways of hogging pillow space; our peaceful quartet was abruptly awakened by the piercing, picolo-pete sound of one of the 5 smoke alarms in our house, crying wolf. all 5 batteries had just been replaced last week too. and none showed any sign of distress such as a blinking red light, faded green, or white waving flag hanging from the very, high ceiling {higher it seems whence in the middle of the night.} instead one would just inconsiderately sound every 15 minutes, give or take. at just the amount of time we’d have given it to stop…..


you know that carnival game where the little heads pop up from all over the board randomly, and you try to hammer the little suckers as hard as you can, trying to frantically anticipate where they’ll come from next? 

that was my sweet, brave husband last night trying to find that mf’er of a faulty smoke detector. to no avail unfortunately. he gave up finally, and i’m sure the house will burn down with my next candle party. 

so what’s on your agenda this weekend m’loves?

i have a busy weekend indeed. although i am working for most of it i am going to get some time in with friends and family.

tonight we are seeing celeste and jesse forever.

i’ve heard great things.

i am also shooting for mary jo matsumoto today. her fall 2012 handbag line is coming out soon. you won’t want to miss them, they’re just as gorgeous as her spring 2012

butterfly kisses and smoke alarm-free sleepies to you m’loves. 

see you on the other side of sunday.