perhaps it’s this whole mercury in retrograde rumpus that’s making me all hands-in-the-air, strung high; my brain popcorn-like and zany. perhaps it’s the handful of vitamins i swallowed on saturday afternoon, that i SWEAR, 3 days later, i can STILL feel stuck in my throat, lodged in there, all 16, like some communal glob of recommended daily allowance of disgusting.

anybody have a remedy for this?


maybe it’s that spring is so close.

my favorite season. you know me, i’m a sucker for renewal, rebirth, and anything in a jordan almond pastel. 


 or conceivably i just realize how insane, finger-lickin’ good i truly have it.

yes. there’s been a lot of sad. but screw sad. there’s sad everywhere. your sad, my sad, it doesn’t make us special; it makes us related, allied.

it doesn’t stand us apart or give us the right to speed, punch, or slander.

it’s what we do with the sad that makes us beautiful and unique; turning it into fuel for glory and gratitude and HUMOR; these are the people i want to be. 


remember, diamonds emerge from coal put through the ringer.

and lately i’ve been noticing sparkle everywhere i look. 

it’s like the smiles my spin class throws my way even as their legs are falling off from monster gear changes, on the 800th interval of the morning, yet they still grind out the pedal strokes and holler the motivational “woo-hoo’s” in the face of a suffering body and unrelenting instructor.

i’m high all day from seeing that kind of elation despite the pain, that loyalty despite the discomfort, that hope despite the fear.


i love that. i geek out on it. 

it makes me do my happy dance. 

what makes you get freaky?

won’t you join my dance party?

tuesday happy to you m’loves.