monday morning sweet to you my pies o’peaches. how was your weekend? 

hunkiest and i tried our best to play young and hip at the balboa beach music festival with our friends the burns, who have young & hip, and this concert stuff down to a science. they’ve kindly enrolled rob and me in their after-school courses they’ll be teaching next spring. 

not 45 minutes into the music and i was shamelessly bribing the budweiser hawker to ditch his booth, go off-site and score me a starbucks somewhere on the peninsula. even for hawaii time it was a late night for me, and i embarrassed myself with my slow response delays and head nodding {neither a result of recreational drugs or pathetic attempts at bobbing to the pulse of a brand new beat,} just pure, 100% rookie trying to play with the cool kids. a wonderful night though was had, followed by a delicious meal at A restaurant. hello brussel sprouts?! hello best service in town. 

on a down note, the man and i got a big, giant “F” in our failure to get to the movies this weekend. we made a commitment to see the movie “argo,” but alas, napped instead. giant surprise. did anyone else see it?

so as i’ve said before, and i know i’m not alone, pretty much the best part of the movie-going experience is the trailers beforehand. so i’ve scoured what i believe to be the best trailers out right now, and what i gather i would have seen had i not fallen through with my intended plans. tell me if these look as good to you as they look to me.

marion cotillard can do no wrong in my opinion. i’ve already watched this 5 times this morning. also, how amazing is that song? it’s by one of my favorite bands, M83, a french electronic music band. my tears are becoming a sea” is just insanely powerful and beautiful. i’ve used it in my yoga classes many times. you can buy it here.

“the impossible” looks compelling with its packed cast and the fact that it’s a true story. i’m kind of hesitant though. i’m not sure enough time has passed since the tsunami that i want to see this. thoughts?

kathryn bigelow, director of one my favorite movies, the hurt locker, takes the osama bin laden killing into film. there is a lot of controversy already brewing behind this movie. jessica chastain is another one of my favorites. i will definitely be seeing this no matter what chatter is. you?

the cast alone will get me into a seat. but the movie buff, especially the hitchcock-lover in me, can’t wait for this fun looking film. 

so tell me loves, have you seen anything delightful and noteworthy of late?