monday morning kisses-on-your-heads to you m’loves!

how was your weekend? did you pound the alarm nicki minaj style? or were you a sade smooth operator?

i had a little of both condiments on my hot dog.

 the highlight of my weekend was visiting the grand opening of the much anticipated debut of ritual juicebox at the CAMP in costa mesa, california.

i’ve written about my love for ritual cleanse and their 100% organic, raw juices before. their juices are the best on the market, hands and pants down. now i am doubly excited i can get their juices locally, in single bottles, in an buffet of many, new flavors. 

the proof of the power of juicing is in this shop window. here are marra o. st. clair and lorri c. kenyon, the founders of ritual wellness. these girls literally glow. they are as nice as they are beautiful too. they were bubbling with excitement over their newest expansion with “ritual” {what we have all affectionately nicknamed the company.} these girls are talking, walking representations of the positive affects of the organic, raw lifestyle. their skin, their eyes, and their attitudes are just luminous. 

we got right down to business. for those of you already familiar with ritual cleanse, you’ll be amazed at how they’ve expanded their menu, and have these sweet, baby tester bottles to try the new juices out. “cinnamon coconut” seriously tastes like christmas in a bottle. i am NOT a coconut water fan, but i downed this like it was the last bottle of water on earth. and what may be my new favorite, “spicy greens”, is a twist on their standard greens: spinach, kale, romaine, apple, celery but added with TUMERIC!!! i’m such a sucker for tumeric and its anti-inflammatory properties. it’s currently flavoring my coffee as i type. they girls obviously think highly of its health benefits too. 

here’s how cute the juicebox looks from afar. and you can see the standards with which ritual wellness makes all of their juices: ALL of their produce is ALWAYS organic, 100% of the time. their centrifugal juicers extract 4 times more nutrients than most other juices used at home or in other shops. 

and i just love their commitment to the planet. all of their bottles, ice packs, and cooler bags {pictured} are 100% recyclable, made from 100% recyclable materials. you can’t beat that. 

so you can imagine how crazy honored i was when they asked me to be their inaugural “wellness warrior,”  an ambassador for their amazing company. could you hear my scream of delight throughout the country?

for the month of november, every time you buy a “sweet greens“-my favorite juice, ritual juicebox will donate 10% of the benefits to best friends animal society, the number one charity in america getting the country to a no-homeless pet state, with no-kill shelters. 

i’m just the luckiest girl ever. truly.

if you haven’t been down to the CAMP lately it’s definitely worth a visit. i love the funkier, independently owned shops and environmentally friendly vibe. i always walk around the CAMP with a giant smile on my face.

saturday was no different, i loped around with a stupid silly, ear to ear grin.

come meet me for a juice m’loves.