weekend happy to you m’loves. 

typically i sign off my friday with wishes, lollipop-sweet, of wellness: candy-coated bids of happy that make even the disney princesses’ gag….{i’m talking the ones who aren’t bulimic—–FYI: snow? i’m watching you: subsisting on all those “apples“.} 


although my itch for the sweet remains, and rules my inner wannabe yoga-vegan-girl compass, today i dare you to lock in to your inner rockstar; unearth that essence of you that is bold, fearless, roller coaster riding, and finger in the air to those that get in your way {but only after you first have said “excuse me”.} 


 plunge into that pool of gutsy, have the courage to fail. sure gold trophies are shiny and heavy, but are you really going to put that gaudy thing up on your mantle? it’s the thrill of the game that sticks with you in the end. 


find the funny wherever you go. the people i consider true “rock-stars” are those who can laugh through their sad tears.

life. this crap IS hilarious when you think about it. how can so many things get so messed up? laughter is the brown sugar that cuts down the intolerable heat of life’s spicy, burn-the-roof-of-my-brain, super bowl chili. 


make your voice heard. but not with sticks and stones or name-calling. your punch is so much more powerful when heard peacefully.


and without a doubt, dance. shake those hips, shimmy those shoulders. welcome to planet dance party, i will be your d.j.

a rock-star weekend to you m’loves.

see you on the other side of sunday.