happy june!

June 1, 2012

she’s here, miss june.

oh how i love the beginning of a new month.

it’s like the start of a fantastic, gourmet meal and you’re at the helm of the menu.

anything you want to eat, it’s yours. order up!

but just remember whatever you order you have to feel the effects later….indulge too much or make wrong, unconcious, patterned decisions, and you’re right back in the same place tomorrow morning with a sour stomach and sluggish body.

any occasion to take inventory of what’s not working, or recheck what is, i’ll buy a front row seat!

this june is no exception.

already i’m taking the steering wheel and pursuing baubles and jollies which make my heart dance-hall happy.

it’s little things like a jazzercise class with the girls {yes, i said jazzercise..more on that to come} or something larger and scarier like accepting a writing job.

all are providing a fragrant and motley colored bed of flowers under my floating-on-air feet.

this new month also reminds me to hightail it away from places and people who consistently bring dark clouds and sleepless nights into my life.

i can only be responsible for my dance floor.

as long as i keep it safe, clean, pretty and open to all, my head can fall weightlessly on my pillow.

i have to stop worrying about that which i can’t control.

june is also an opportunity to finally stop knitting that theoritcal bitch of a scarf i’ll never finish, nor even wanted to wear, and start tackling pursuits that will actually unfurrow my brow and untighten my jawline.

i finally came to the conclusion a few months ago that i detest cooking.

years ago i was consumed with making elaborate, giant meals where i’d research for weeks, prepare for days, saute’ and chop for hours, but now…blech…opening a jar is my idea of cooking, and it’s still too labor intensive for my taste. i love the idea of cooking, and i LOVE to talk about it with other chefs. oh my gosh i could talk about cooking for hours and hours, but to actually do it….no thank you..i’d rather teach meditation to 10 week old puppies.

it’s still hard for me to admit the fact that cooking is no longer a passion of mine…..and that it might never have been.

do you have any hobbies you’re holding onto because they’ve been a part of your identity for so long?

and finally i’m hoping to use this new month to grow some more big-girl branches.

i’m hoping to toughen up and learn to not take everything so seriously.

two weeks ago i offered a homeless man 5 bucks and he refused, and i immediately went into 17-year old katie mode:

he thinks i’m stupid, ugly, fat, weird, snobbish, bitchy, annoying, a pest, precocious, bold {a favorite of my mother’s}; the typical, insecure, john hughes-unlike soundtrack that plays in my head during these situations.

it’s a very narcissistic way to think, in my opinion. it’s not all about me, and i need to remember this, although my hair was kind of jacked up that day….

so tell me m’loves do you have anything you’d like to work on for june?

wishing you a loveliest weekend.

see you on the other side of sunday.


  • this is one of my FAVORITE posts of yours, KO! unfurrow the brow(ie, tuesday's doc visit)… jazzercise… getting rid of the "dark cloud people"… detest cooking…yes, I agree with them ALL! For june I'm going to FINALLY be a certified Pilates instructor, via influence a la you and and Bela and I took up "sailing" . Technically started last night but new words like mast, jive, tack, boom, jib, spar, tack and winch(NOT to be confused with WENCH which was the mistake I made last night! haha) will all be a part of my new vocabulary. Goodbye Sanskrit, hello Sailor! This means I may start cursing =) Happy June! Love ya!! Xo

    • goodniteirene

      just to put this out there: i will NEVER go sailing with you. i hate the sea. it scares me…..you can lead me into crow all you want, but high seas…sayonara my sweet.
      i'm so proud of the teacher you're becoming…
      love you beautiful girl.

  • Katie your writing style is so wonderful, can't wait to hear what your writing assignment is! You know what I'm working on for June…see you in class!

    xo Mary Jo

    • goodniteirene

      i'm so excited for your june plans!
      i may even buy myself a new bikini….
      haven't done that since before i met my hunkiest…

  • Anna Z.

    I too love the idea of cooking and people gathering around a family style table nibbling and conversing…but jeez, I never get to sit there and enjoy it- I am too OCD to sit and enjoy it- so I too throw in the kitchen towel and only cook when I really want to, or find something inspiring to make… I am grateful that kevin is a great chef and enjoys cooking! I shop, he cooks (albeit I wish I was handbag shopping not picking out broccoli….but it's a solid trade off)…
    Don't fret about the homeless man turning a nose to your $5…who knows he may have denied the cash because he knew he it would lead him to buy something not good for him. Give them food, water…etc… BTW we don't snub money donations over here! Sometimes Lux could pass for a hobo kid.
    Hoping this June has less gloom than last year!

    • goodniteirene

      lux is the chicest hobo kid i've ever seen.
      i didn't know kevin was a chef…..can he give rob lessons…
      you're a total chef anna-girl! you're always baking some sort of wonderful dessert or pasta if memory serves…

  • Fantastic post and there is so much here I'm feeling too. The start of the month is like having a row of Friday nights, the excitement of what may be. I totally take everything personally (i think most women are like that?)my hubs is always able to cast things off. Jazzercise? Love dancing – for eight years I went to Hip hop classes, yes scary picture there, must get back to them…

  • Happy June! I know — how late am I? I want to hear more about this writing gig!
    Also, I can't blame you for not liking to cook. I adore it, but only on my own terms, which means that I want to do it when I want to and make what I want to. Sometimes, people want me to bake and I don't feel like it. They just have to wait until inspiration strikes me again, but it's so much better when inspiration smacks me on the butt.
    As for what I want to work on: talking to strangers. Especially cute guy strangers. But people in general. I want to make more friends, have more fun Saturday nights out. I really need that because I discovered this weekend if I don't have evening plans on the weekend, I end up eating one too many macaron and cupcake and madeleine and cannelle. Sigh…

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