she’s here, miss june.

oh how i love the beginning of a new month.

it’s like the start of a fantastic, gourmet meal and you’re at the helm of the menu.

anything you want to eat, it’s yours. order up!

but just remember whatever you order you have to feel the effects later….indulge too much or make wrong, unconcious, patterned decisions, and you’re right back in the same place tomorrow morning with a sour stomach and sluggish body.

any occasion to take inventory of what’s not working, or recheck what is, i’ll buy a front row seat!

this june is no exception.

already i’m taking the steering wheel and pursuing baubles and jollies which make my heart dance-hall happy.

it’s little things like a jazzercise class with the girls {yes, i said jazzercise..more on that to come} or something larger and scarier like accepting a writing job.

all are providing a fragrant and motley colored bed of flowers under my floating-on-air feet.

this new month also reminds me to hightail it away from places and people who consistently bring dark clouds and sleepless nights into my life.

i can only be responsible for my dance floor.

as long as i keep it safe, clean, pretty and open to all, my head can fall weightlessly on my pillow.

i have to stop worrying about that which i can’t control.

june is also an opportunity to finally stop knitting that theoritcal bitch of a scarf i’ll never finish, nor even wanted to wear, and start tackling pursuits that will actually unfurrow my brow and untighten my jawline.

i finally came to the conclusion a few months ago that i detest cooking.

years ago i was consumed with making elaborate, giant meals where i’d research for weeks, prepare for days, saute’ and chop for hours, but now…blech…opening a jar is my idea of cooking, and it’s still too labor intensive for my taste. i love the idea of cooking, and i LOVE to talk about it with other chefs. oh my gosh i could talk about cooking for hours and hours, but to actually do it….no thank you..i’d rather teach meditation to 10 week old puppies.

it’s still hard for me to admit the fact that cooking is no longer a passion of mine…..and that it might never have been.

do you have any hobbies you’re holding onto because they’ve been a part of your identity for so long?

and finally i’m hoping to use this new month to grow some more big-girl branches.

i’m hoping to toughen up and learn to not take everything so seriously.

two weeks ago i offered a homeless man 5 bucks and he refused, and i immediately went into 17-year old katie mode:

he thinks i’m stupid, ugly, fat, weird, snobbish, bitchy, annoying, a pest, precocious, bold {a favorite of my mother’s}; the typical, insecure, john hughes-unlike soundtrack that plays in my head during these situations.

it’s a very narcissistic way to think, in my opinion. it’s not all about me, and i need to remember this, although my hair was kind of jacked up that day….

so tell me m’loves do you have anything you’d like to work on for june?

wishing you a loveliest weekend.

see you on the other side of sunday.