age dude. 

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who has read the age of miracles by karen thompson walker? 

i was knocked off my axis {pun intended} by this apocalyptic, coming of age novel. 

not a page-turner nor action packed, and tis definitely not a witty, dialogue driven, or even prosey work; i like reads where i savor sentences like i would bites of homemade pasta doused in farm-fresh butter; holding it on my tongue for a linger before i consume it completely. 

the age of miracles lured me, and still haunts me post-finish, with its straight forward communication of a disaster seen through the eyes of a 12-year-old. 

karen thompson walker has created a situation so horrifically real, {and extremely close to home–the novel is pretty much set in my county,} but never with any outlandish, hollywood touches that make it unbelievable or of out of touch.

although i wasn’t a giant fan of lovely bones i can see why the two are getting compared. both have pre-teen narrators, and both novels are extremely melancholy.

the few people i have chatted with about the age of miracles have given it mixed reviews. jody thought it was “really fascinating,” but her husband found it “incredibly depressing.” i couldn’t agree more with both of these statements.

i told my friend linda she should read it on her vacation to the bahamas. it definitely is a beach read. but you might want to walk into the ocean and drown yourself.

“the age of miracles:” a book review by katie.

any recommendations for what i should read next?