the adventures of priscilla, queen of my world, continued last night. and yes, there was more vomit

although this time, it was my own.

in her effort to make penance for wednesday’s nocturnal puke party, {on. my. face.} my girl made amends the best way she knew how: mouse murder!

that’s right ladies and gentlemen, during the last hours of peaceful twilight, as i was trying to prolong my longevity and excavate my cloistered zen by beholding the sun take its final bow across the sky, littlest girl tried to add to my “moment” by bequeathing her evening kill, still quite warm and bloody, maybe even squirming, at the back door. 


priscilla now goes by the name O.J.

although the little, four-legged butcher didn’t even have the decency to wear isotoner gloves. 

my scream said enough. 

i didn’t share in her delight for freshly, slaughtered vermin, or maroon-stained back steps, affectionately now known as the “bundy drive” section of our house. 

she sat for the remainder of the evening on our bed staring at the wall in shame and embarrassment. 

in my opinion, a little humiliation never killed anyone. on the other hand, pointed canine cuspids {dog fangs} DO!


but voilà!

look at what a good night’s sleep can do to a girl! all the clichés: bright eyes, bushy tail, giant smile, telling the world that she’s open for business. literally…she can be kind of whorish sometimes. 

this is why i love having dogs so much. this beast is one hundred percent in the right here, right now!

she doesn’t dwell on what transpired yesterday, even if it was AMAZING, even if it sucked.

because what is in front of her is all that matters.

that is the gift she gives me every moment i’m with her.

look out world.

wishing you a second to second day m’loves.