they say “sharing is caring.”

when i was a little girl, i literally thought “share” meant “give it to katie.” my older brother seemed compelled to always offer up his goods when told to “share.”

today i share with you another bayonet in my health/beauty arsenal.

bragg’s raw organic apple cider vinegar

i’ve been drinking this potion every morning, with lemon and warm water, for the last two months.

 i am an official bragg addict.

my skin, my digestion, and my overall health has dramatically improved.

i’m typically awake around 3:45am most mornings, and while my energy has always been high early in the day, since drinking my new tonic, i’m even more annoying to my groggy, grouchy beasts as i insist they bounce with me under the morning moonlight and inky, dawn sky.

what i love most is the lack of sluggish-ness that i used to feel; i’ve even dropped the extra 3-4 christmas pounds that always latch and hang on to my legs like the pesky little cousins you can never ditch at family gatherings. and, yes—i’m aware christmas is closer than it is further away-thank you.

but nonetheless i attribute my blanket well-being to bragg’s. 


 in addition to a morning detoxifier, raw apple cider vinegar is also a wonderful skin astringent and clarifyer for one’s hair. a couple of rinses in the shower and my tresses are lip gloss shiny. 

but my newest favorite use for my bragg’s is to clean my produce. 

my friend alissa clued me in on a trick to get all of the scuzz off your fruits and vegetables once you bring them home from the market.


just because you’re buying organic doesn’t mean your eats are clean. i can freak myself out and good with the image of one of my beloved peaches falling on the grocery store floor, a floor that let’s just say gets walked on by someone who’s feet have just been in a public restroom, a public restroom at a concert? a phish concert? see where i’m going? boom in my brain my pretty peach is simmering in the filth of a port-a-potty floor! gag me with a peach. 

and THAT’s why i’m on my therapist’s couch every other week.

but seriously there is a lot of yuck to rid your precious and expensive produce of once you get home.

a good soak in raw apple cider vinegar and water {usually 30 minutes} pulls out all sorts of dirt, critters and unknowns.


in my mind, the vinegar acts like a bioré strip, pulling all the grime out of your fruits’ pores. 

like a #fruitfacial


i love my bragg products so much i now chug their drinks on an hourly basis. they’re an acquired taste, but in my opinion, much better than kombucha or that awful coconut water that everyone seems to be drinking these days.

seriously. you people and your coconut water? blech. coconut water tastes like what i imagine IV fluid would taste like. no graçias.

so tell me m’loves, do any of you tango with raw cider vinegar too? how do you use it? sorry if i’ve turned you off from eating peaches…i  hope to god i’ve soured your affection for phish concerts. 

thursday healthy to you.



~all photos taken by me.