monday morning bikini on top to you m’loves.

we are back from hollyweird.

the bachelorette party was a success!


i am still in recovery mode from this weekend’s festivities: bottle service, blow-up pool toys, whips, lingerie, hip-shakings, and the requisite post-party vomit.

i can’t take credit for any of those activities…but i’ll smile and laugh lovingly at the whole experience, allowing me to share time with some of the best girls on this planet!

afterlight (1)

one of the many things i learned this weekend is that miley cyrus’ friend “molly” is NOT some pony-tailed, cherub-faced, sidekick from home that i had originally supposed.

apparently “molly” is the drug ecstasy.

although none of the babes in our party partied with “molly”—every other person at the roosevelt pool…did.


my beautiful girl rocked l.a.: high-kicks, head-tossing, and every room became her personal runway.

it doesn’t matter who you are, people LOVE alexei.

how could you not? look at that face!


i’ll admit i was one of the first ones to turn in on saturday night.

this made for a very quiet and peaceful sunday morning back at the pool, sipping on coffee, reading my paper and watching various vacant-faced molly’s wander from room to room looking for their AWOL shoes, unaccounted for attire, and forever astray brain cells.


sending love to all who came out to play and dress rehearse for the upcoming nuptials.

my bridesmaid dress diet starts NOW.

game on bitches.