so after 37 strung out, trick-turning years, feeling completely defenseless against all things chocolate sandwiched, science has validated my enslavement to nabisco:

oreos are as addictive as cocaine to your brain!


no longer will i feel ashamed about my nights out clubbing, scurrying away to the ladies room with a razor blade and my old “ace of base” cd where i grind said oreos down to a mind-blowing, nap-inducing, pant-stretching powder.


farewell to freebasing in shame on 17th street with the rest of my tweaker friends {fyi i had to look up the proper spelling of “tweaker,”} i will binge on the rich, tasty filling with pride and abandonment.

will i have to show my i.d though when buying my crunchy, creamy stash at the market; like when i need sudafed for my “cold.”

although i like my oreos straight up, undiluted and pure i thought i’d share some of the most interesting ways other users mainline their fix.


starting the day with a jolt is mighty important. these pancakes look as if they will do a proper job sending a rush of serotonin to my hungry and addicted receptors.

c1dd10b55cf5984f18e8f1a9bb5b3c8f move over cannabis brownies, there’s a new cartel in town; these babies use crack  oreos to turn your mediocre dinner party into a dunkin hines rager.


sorry john belushi, but this is what speedballs look like in our hood.

let’s party.

tell me m’loves what’s your favorite way to get your fix in?

and if you need me in the next six months, i’ll be checked in at the betty crocker center for oreo addiction.