welcome to goodniteirene’s newest series: girl crush.

i am so lucky to know buckets and scads of incredible women near and far. mothers, designers, business owners, artists, teachers- all inspiring me daily.

i’ve wanted to share with you my love for them, and now i finally can.

so here goes…..the first of many girl crushes…..

misha nesselrod

misha is co-owner of the hottest salon in town: holiday. she is THE make-up artist and eyebrow guru go-to. no pants on fire here, EVERYONE i know goes to misha for their fabulous brows. good luck getting an appointment, but it’s so worth the waiting list.

in addition to keeping orange county glamorous, misha is mother to the adorable raya, she just celebrated her 10 year wedding anniversary, and is expecting her second baby. she really does do it all, and always with that beautiful face and cheeky charisma. i love this girl.

here’s to getting to know mish’ a little better….

         • name your 5 bottom of the jar products?

I can’t live without Epicuren’s Protein Mist and their ORAC Age-Protect Serum, Mineral Tint SPF20 Foundation by Looking Glass (my cosmetics line), Eve Pearl Treatment Concealer and Cover Girl Lash Blast in the orange tube. I could go on and on…

         • who is your style icon and why?

Brigitte Bardot- she’s just so damn sexy- even going to the market in capris and flats

  •  what is your spring fashion must have item?

Well, typically, it’s a great pair of wedge sandals with some fun colors.  But this year, it’s a Belly Band from Xpecting and Paige Premium Maternity Denim

        • finish the sentence….i can never leave the house without:

Under eye concealer and a bra.

         • what advice would you give your 25-year-old self?

The same advice my father has always given to me, “This is no F-ing dress rehearsal.”

        • what does your ideal 2 weeks off look like?

Oh man, how about a cook’s tour through Italy and France? Then of course, a 2 week follow-up spin/pilates extravaganza to burn off all of the cheese and wine.

         • give me your 5 deserted island items….people and things? 

My husband and daughter, my girlfriends, and music- that’s a party right there!

          • you are hands down the hottest eyebrow guru in orange county {good luck for all our readers getting an appointment}, how do you manage to do it all: run a successful business, raise a beautiful, smart daughter, and still make time for your husband? {i know you two just celebrated a big anniversary}.

We definitely try to have a date night, even if it means having microwave popcorn and watching a basketball game on TV at home. We did whoop it up for our 10th wedding anniversary though. We went out to Vegas with and renewed our vows with Elvis. I tell ya, even though it was kitschy, it meant so much to say those vows again and know exactly what they mean!

  • what would you say is the most important for someone going into business with a partner….{you own THE hair and make-up studio of orange county hands down}?

Communication is the key to success here. Holiday Salon is celebrating 9 years in business because of the bond between me and my 2 partners. We don’t always agree, but we back each other’s decisions 100%. Also, a good legal partnership agreement keeps everyone accountable.

          • what are your favorite things about living in southern california?

I have the best memories from growing up in Newport Beach. It was so laid back and we would ride our bikes everywhere. From the beach in Newport down to 1,000 Steps in Laguna, we enjoyed our Summers on the sand and in the water.  I still get a kick out of going to my favorite places like C’est Si Bon (where I used to work), Ruby’s Sandwiches, and Mi Casa.

    • what are your least favorite things about living in southern california?

Traffic on the 55 freeway and “entitled” people- no thanks!

thank you so much misha! your fan club just grew exponentially.