just a litttle head’s up.

i’m calling in sick lazy to work today.

nothing itches my happy bone like a rainy, spring morning.

the second i heard those thick, plump drops topple down onto the backyard gravel i dreamily smiled to myself knowing i would be staying put, here in bed for the rest of the day, no-showing to all of my classes and clients; maybe even taking haven here for the rest of my life, for i’m sure to get fired for such reckless and flip decision-making.

but when cozy calls, and your dvr is stock full of law and order {circa jesse martin,} the choice is kind of made for me.

so happy tuesday m’loves…you know where to find me {under the sheets,} hopefully i’ll be back to work tomorrow…if i’m not jobless.

oh…and april fool’s…i’ve been up for hours, LOADED on coffee, priscilla and i tango-ing like mad argentines, under sprinkles of an april shower.

see y’all soon….get ready to werk.