hermit by choice

June 17, 2010

i’m constantly chided for my hermit like tendencies.

what people don’t realize is that instead of hiding behind my front door amassing an enviable lint collection and a law & order library to rival imbd; hh and i also work excruciating hours on the routine.

i’m only showing it once so that you copycats respect our simple, modest piece.

YouTube Preview Image

sorry for the camera bumpiness…..priscilla was filming.

  • The clouds have not dampened your humor. Big smiles today. thank you

  • Hey I thought I perfected those moves? A typical day in my household, no doubt about it. Katie dear sending you some serious, hot, muggy, Katy, Texas weather for your weekend. You always make me smile

    xx Happy Friday

  • Of course, that makes perfect sense! p.s. I can't kill snails either–I sort of send them over the fence into the ravine behind my house {and have the occasional nightmare that they'll gang up and come back to my backyard}.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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