true to form, monsieur march came in like a lion;

surly and base, big paws swiping madly in the air.

agile as a cat, i luckily avoided any pops or scrapes to the face and bod.

silly little lions can’t knock me down;

i’m always ready for a nice tangle and scrap.

scratch that. not true. pants on fire.

i HATE confrontation.

i’m quite the chicken.

cluck. cluck.

i’d rather hold my tongue than rumble.

my legs have a nice cozy spot for my tail.

but with all the bumps and barnacles i must share what else march has tendered:

homemade key lime pie.

mumford and son’s tickets.

this year’s first bloom of my jasmine plant.

a friday evening of french cuisine and friends.

new screen doors throughout the house.

a family dinner.

new bedroom furniture.

my dad’s birthday.

my mom’s beautiful smile.

spin and pilates students giving me goosebumps with their dedication.

blog posts making me cry, scream with laughter, and happy dance {sometimes all at once}.

my beasts discovering the art of spooning.

plum blossom bath soap.

pink nails.


and finally the privilege of talking to you m’loves.

thursday happy to you!