i went to a birthday party this weekend. stag.

hunkiest was out town at party of his own; of a stag nature as well.

yet the naughty these boys seemed to have found was of whiskey and lack of bug spray like.

for all his clinker and glee as he packs up his shiny 9 iron and polished 3 wood, that boy never fails to ring home, like a kid sick at camp, wishing to be picked up early.

he asks me what the beasts are doing, as if by some miracle they’ve suddenly acquired a new, people, {opposable thumb requiring} skill since he left town.

um, they’re doing math homework??!? they’re sleeping of course!! that’s what our beasts DO baby.

we count the days, sometimes hours until he walks back through the door to his “family”.

silly, but it’s the kind of thing that still has me plan outfits days before i see him…..my brain’s always working on our next date.

although hunky and i do enjoy each other’s smile, chat and smooch, one of our strongest suits is our ability to hang separately.

at my party, the beautiful birthday girl wore a sash of pink and a tiara of tinsel;

i walked in knowing few and left loving many.

i wrapped my heart around a freckled girl with amber hair, who sat for hours with a strawberry taking each and every single seed off the pretty fruit; just because it felt scientific. she was sweeter than any candy colored cupcakes we ate together.

i ate a cobbler baked with berries and i felt a baby boy, who although won’t officially be here until june, make his party presence felt in his momma’s stomach.

a grand time had by moi’…and i couldn’t wait to ring up my beloved and share.