scenes from a weekend

June 13, 2011

determined to fashion my black thumb a new green dress, i stuck close to home this weekend, and spent most of my free time in the backyard garden. we’re in the process of renovating our yard, but in the meantime..

the lavender is bouncy and spa-smelly.

my succulents look large, colorful, almost pre-historic.

a fancy accessory here and there {thank you lovely lex}.

and e’er a beast to always keep watch.

it was such a nice weekend until hunkiest and i decided to finally attack the pontiac that had been delivered to our front yard last friday. i’m not kidding; a box literally the size of a small sedan was set in the middle of our front yard. they couldn’t deliver it to our doorstep, because there wasn’t enough room.

our backyard patio furniture had arrived. and part of the deal of me buying said furniture was that i’d make the purchase sans white glove delivery service, and extra fee.

big mistake!

although my afternoon view wasn’t bad, and we had several stomach cramping giggle fits {one involving a 2 minute hostage situation with a 20′ umbrella and me inside}; i still would have paid the extra money for assembly.

‘cilla supervised.

and then became bored.tada! a glimpse of one chair and a side table.

as you can see in the back, it looks like i’m sitting kandahar. we have a long way to go: gravel, foliage, trees covering our neighbors beautiful wall. but for now we have a lovely seating arrangement.

it was definitely weekend happy.

  • I love doing yard work and being outside. Sounds perfect. Except for the assembly of furniture which is why my handy dandy Blakester is the "man" because while I could technically do it…I let him feel manly doing that stuff and then I just decorate and space plan LOL!. Garden looks great. Post some pics once all the furniture is up. Love the furniture.

  • So jealous! Your backyard looks fantastic. I couldn't get any lavender to grow this year.

  • I don't know, Katie — it looks like your thumb is pretty green to me. You have a gorgeous backyard. I'm so glad you had a lovely weekend.

  • Your backyard looks like it's coming along beautifully! I am so jealous you are able to grow those succulents with such ease–no such luck!

    xo Mary Jo

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