top of the monday morning to you m’loves. did you ring major cow bell this weekend?

i had a toe-curling, arms-wide-open weekend, filled with big smiles and moments so darn good i practically popped a vein attempting to prolong and cling to the happy: petering my steps to a slow, slothful stop, i, at times, sealed my eyes shut denying the truth of time clocking by, and viced my top teeth over my bottom lip silencing any peace disturbing chat.

yet as hard as i stomped my 4 1/2inch wedges, that brazen sun still scurried down into the sea ending southern california’s miss congeniality segment of the day. although in her place place rose a navy blue blanket of dark, velvet sky. the kind of sky that makes you take the long way home just to see how the color changes on different roads.

on saturday night the clinking of glasses eventually ceased, the warm faces of dear ones all scattered to their separate corners of the parking lot, and a meal filled with thigh slaps and bear hugs sadly had to end.

but there was hand holding in the car and two furry faces helped continue the party upon arrival home.

i guess what i’m saying is all good things do not come to an end.

same with monday mornings….

i love my weekends, but i’m a chump for a new start, a new day…so let’s do this.

it’s a new week, a chance to begin again, start over on stuff that might not have been working before.

is there anything not working for you?

care to share?

this weekend, my sweetest friend dawn, who epitomizes balance & positivity, talked to me about finding some balance in my own life.

she can tell i’m burning things at every end, in the middle, underneath, and inside.

when she talks, i am all ears.

my schedule is not working for me.

how will i change that? i have no idea. admission is the first step.

monday happiest to you m’loves!