the great white out

June 21, 2011

ok m’loves. i need your help. i finally got the nod to paint my brown walls.

they’re actually benjamin moore decorator’s white, but in my opinion, they have always looked brown, dirty dishwater brown to be specific.

can you brilliant minds suggest equally brilliant, bright, find-your-sunglasses, put your spf-30 on, whites?

here are some photos of whites i like:

although our home is nowhere near jonathan alder’s funky-fresh vibe, his pop white is right up my alley.

i definitely want a cool, parisian tone. i can smell creamy and warm a mile away. pretty, but  i’ve done it, smoked it, free-based on it, it’s no longer welcome in my waterpipe.

this last picture here closest resembles my current brown white walls: dingy, sooty, drab, tan.

i need to pop a prozac just looking at them.

any suggestions would be much appreciated.

thank you darlings.

  • Look at Whisper by Dunn Edwards and see what you think…..

  • the wainscoting and ceilings of my house are Kelly Moore's Swiss Coffee. I love the bright pop they offer against the taupe-ish Chadwick of my walls 🙂


    • auntie char

      Can't help you baby….as you know I was in the 'white is right' mode for many years. I could name & identify the difference between Swiss Coffee to Snowflake Alabaster to Bridal Veil White. White rooms, white furniture….white dogs! Then suddenly I embraced color BIG time. I LOVE the white look…but love my colors as well. Good luck and don't worry about the choice too much….it is easily changed. You aren't tattooing the walls! I have painted entire rooms…..and then saw the paint the next day in the morning light…..and drove straight back to my guys at Sherman Williams and started over. The great thing about paint is your not stuck with it. It changes easily!

  • Dunn Edwards base white will blind you. Its my go to white white. 😉

  • Love white with a pop of fun and that seems so you! I should do white and so veer to colour these days…

  • I'd always thought white was an uncomplicated color, until I read this post. So many different shades — what a decision! I'd say if it's a room that doesn't get much natural light to get a brighter white, and if it does, maybe a white that's not so neon? Regardless, white walls will be the perfect backdrop to a gorgeous room.

  • I'll be curious to know what you finally settle on. I was given the word from my decorator friend that my house should go white. I was slow to embrace it and still do love my grays, but I see the wisdom now and am going to be making the plunge soon. I'm not a fan of cream or creamy white on the walls, so that's why this post is particularly perfect.


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