we did it. we did it good.

oc spin showed up, put out, and left money on the bedside table.

{yes, i said that.} team1 i know it was a indoor spin-a-thon, but we also added dancing, hugging, and a love-fest to the activities as well.


my aha moment occurred two hours into the event, 4 side stitches later, sweaty hair, and shin splints to boot {i still had yet to even sit on a bike–this was all from dancing,} when i created my new concept for my next group exercise class: 90’s prom: 60 minutes of dancing {awkwardly in my case} with your best friends to insane music, as if it’s the last night of high school. definitely a prime time wait list waiting to happen. group fitness managers? are you reading? 


none of this could have taken place without your generous donations and support. i’d also like to thank ritual wellness for keeping us hydrated and fueled with their amazing organic juices and alkaline waters. my mentor, angela leigh, who helped me have the confidence to accept such an honor.

and our team captain {s}: kathleen & guyan randall who literally brought this whole team together; thank you so much for your leadership, hard work, and guidance.

but most of all i have to thank my angels: laura, jennifer, charla & jill. you’re four faces danced next to me the whole day long. 


i don’t remember much of my teaching. thank goodness hunkiest had a camera, otherwise i wouldn’t have believed i actually was up there.

i, do, remember there being technical difficulties with my music causing the whole ride to come to a halt.

it’s interesting. people actually thought i was joking when i offered to sing what would have been my audition for “les miserables”

um, hello? #neverknowwhenthatbigbreakmaycome


so there it is…$13 million and still counting. every single cent of that to fund rare cancer research. the stories we heard of survival, perseverance, and progress will stay with me forever. i can’t remember ever feeling more proud to be a member of such an heart-stirring community.

i cannot wait until next year. 

thank you all for accompanying me on this journey. let me know if you’re interested in participating in next year’s ride. interest lists are already forming.

love you guys,