monday happy to you m’loves.

i have returned from a week of absolute bliss.

a whole seven days with my hunkiest of husbands and the beast always in tow.

alarms clocks, computers and cell phones were all unplugged {for the most part}.

here are a few shots of how it all went down:

sunrise on the deck. coffee in our mugs, sleepy on our faces, the swish of golf balls: our sweet morning soundtrack.

the sun sets, and a whole different kind of pretty moves in. we reconvene outside, bundled & toasty, on each others’ laps and ready to start the evening’s festivities.

the wine flows like a rafting river, and the scent of cigars wafts merrily up into the crescent moon.

stinky cheese, honeyed jams and loaves and loaves of the sourest of sourdough bread spoils our appetite night after night…except of course for friday when we have homemade lobster potpie {oh. dear. god.}

the dessert table alone should get us all on dr. oz’s next episode of “family eating habits: mommy why are you trying to kill me?”

seriously, is THAT cool whip? do they really MAKE cool whip still?

for the record, i DID make a salad.

when not bingeing you could find me here, detoxing all the decadence away.

i tried to take my therapist, jerry, back home with me. he said i need to “eschew the wolves out of my life.”


hmm. last time i checked priscilla was a golden retriever. but she does get rather wolf-ey at breakfast time.

i’ll keep my eye on the beast.

although a wonderful week, i am happy to be back. i missed working and my routine.

lots on the docket from now until christmas time.

until tomorrow: happy! happy! happy!