tuesday happy to you m’loves.

i’m flash-card deep in cramming for my yoga exam this week.

last night before bed, the beast and i quizzed each other on sanscrit.

savasana, chaturanga, tadasana, uttanasana, utkatasana…

i think i’m getting most of them correct. i know my pronunciation in the balancing series gets kind of ugly when priscilla starts itching and wiggling uncomfortably.

must. study. more.

other than getting the yoga madness behind me, one thing i am looking forward to is catching up on everyone’s blog. in the midst of a visit to the apple dumbass genius bar {ahem} all of my rss feeds have been lost, among other things. once, a favorite of mine, cornflower blue, especially in a cheap, short-sleeved t-shirt now makes me ill.

next week i hope to restore my blog subscriptions and my sanity.

speaking of blogs, i was cheerleader bouncy yesterday when i found out i was featured on the fabulous, new west coast, street style blog, ON PCH.

my friend, mary jo matsumoto, shot some photos of our girls meet up last friday with the ever fabulous cassie.

i’m just sad we didn’t have a photo of mary jo with us. still obsessing over her hunter green loafers.

tuesday twirls to you m’loves.