moshi, moshi

today i have an audition for “ASIAN, sushi hostess”.

and just as it’s written above, ASIAN is clearly underlined, tagged and delineated in the casting notes; which is so crucial and material, because otherwise i’d definitely be working the whole “east-german” sushi hostess role. you know?  the trend that seems to be sweeping the nation? i mean the girls needed to do something after a life of flip turns and vitamins.

i’m actually perfect for this role. in college, my first job ever was as a hostess at a sushi bar.

you couldn’t cue a better cliché: west l.a. hot spot sushi + ucla half-japanese, freshman girl. the owner, fresh from his third stint in rehab, encouraged me to do shots with the patrons on my first night.

stone cold sober, i quit at the end of it. domo arigato.

thursday happy to you m’loves.