those two syllables could be the glummest two combinations in the dictionary.

who hasn’t been personally affected with the evil of cancer?

the insidiousness of the disease, the frustration with lags in treatments and cures, and the devastating toll this beast takes on bodies, minds and souls; cancer knows no boundaries in its methods to rip your heart wide open.

i’ve shared my personal heartbreak watching my dear aunt bravely fight and BEAT cancer this past year.

two other, beautiful friends, battled just as fierce, but unfortunately lost their crusades against this menace a few months ago.

and of course my truman.

it’s easy to feel helpless and bitter; tears of fury form now as i try to type. but i know it’s best to put my energy into more productive, contributive uses.

this coming saturday an amazing event is taking place across the united states: cycle for survival.

an indoor cycling relay event held in equinox fitness clubs across the country, and in some satellite locations around the world, cycle for survival was created to generate money for rare cancer research at memorial sloan-kettering cancer center, the largest cancer center worldwide.

ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of the funds go directly to rare cancer research.

we have an incredible group of riders representing the best of orange county’s equinox, many of them are my beloved students from spin class.

i am so sad i will not be able to ride in person, but i will be there in spirit and donation.

so often i am moved to help with various causes and issues, but never know where to turn or what organizations to trust. and this is the first time i think i’ve written about a charity on “the blog”…i feel rather washy about that kind of thing….

but this is a cause i back with both feet, legs, heart & soul, and i invite you to check it out.

and if you’re so inclined to donate to the amazing team on saturday… is their link.

 i definitely encourage you to read about the amazing work happening at memorial sloan-kettering cancer center

go team. keep up the fight.

all my love,