so yesterday i divulged to you my foray into the rough waters of deep-thought and reflection.

it hasn’t been going well. 

sitting “relaxed”, but “observant” is like asking me to go clubbing with the stomach flu; the two don’t really go hand in hand. 

even with my guide leading me into the “temple of healing,” with a voice sounding like buttercream hazelnut frosting, and music so lovely i could actually smell the rosebud heavy, jane austen, english countryside, nevertheless, nervous, anxious histamines still spiked up and down my back causing me to bounce maniacally on my elevated, seated cushion like an un-medicated ruffian in her final seconds of time-out. can i get some cheddar-cheese goldfish please?

t’wasn’t a total bust though. six minutes into my “temple” i grabbed my phone, and caught up on instagram until the meditation ended. i definitely felt more relaxed at the end of the 20 minutes having looked at puppies, babies, flowers, sunsets and green smoothies. 

wednesday serenity to you beautiful people.