for the first time in my life i have employed the snooze button. usually once my iphone birds start their pre-sunrise, baby bird, computerized chirp i’m halfway down the stairs, feet on fire, one arm already in my bathrobe, the other holding an open laptop, brain at mach 5, indexing the day’s to-do’s and to-don’t’s. 

but it’s getting more difficult to exit the trifecta of fur in these early mornings. my girl, when not setting off burglar alarms and joyriding in the prius, furiously pockets herself into her mother, in a desperate attempt for comfort and sleepy solace; readjusting her sharp shoulders and damp nose under my chin and not so softly up into my eye. her tuna fish breath a constant stream of stinky vapor in my face all night long. add to that a down-beat tempo of her sweet, little, open mouth snores just loud enough to prohibit deep dozing. but i don’t mind. 

and then there’s my boy. always extending a paw out to one of us; his protection against the scary dreams he gets come 2am, that 150lb polar bear twitching our california king into an entirely new space on the bedroom floor. 

with all this nocturnal hoopla going down it should be no surprise i’m using that snooze button.

but it’s not to shut more eye. no sir. those sacred 9 minutes are spent brining in the sweet. feeling a love that is so much more awesome than anything i can buy, write into words or put sour cream on. 

do you have beasts m’loves?

i ask this because there are tons of animals looking for homes {i know of a four year old beautiful great pyrenees right now in particular.} i am, of course biased….we found our jones at the great pyrenees rescue of southern california. our priscilla we literally found walking the streets, abandoned, tags cut, left on her own like a poor street walker {it explains ALOT of her behavior.} my favorite charity is they have the best leads for animals in need of forever homes. 

it is the greatest gift i’ve ever given myself. every day it changes and becomes more fulfilling.

wednesday happy to you m’loves.