hello sweet kittens! 

weekend happy to you. it’s friday and i’m sharing some of the things i’ve loving on extra hard this week.

i know this song is pretty much an oldie…practically should be on southern cali’s k-earth 101 radio station, but something about these moody mornings and romantic, dusky afternoons have me playing it over and over again, both around the house and in classes. 



ok, so the whole meditation thing is kind of not working for me. but i haven’t given up.

i still give it a go; usually when i’m diffusing nuclear missiles, performing emergency c-sections, and facilitating that blind date hook up between ann coulter and anthony weiner, y’know? my low-stress everyday activities.

so you can bet i was super stoked to get the daily good’s 5 way’s to bring mindfulness into everyday life  in my morning inbox.

{side note…the second i typed the name “ann coulter” my twitch returned!}


y’all know i get stupid happy over gifs….any chance to insert one of these unsettling, sometimes creepy, images into a post, i will.

visual artist and filmmaker bill domonkos takes the gifs to the clouds and above. i am an official subscriber to his tumblr page where bill dazzles us with his interest in the “absurd” and “sublime beauty.”


i get all lucy liu/o-ren-shi {don’t watch if you’re squeamish} every time somebody mentions fall when we’re still thigh-high in summer love.

but i made an exception, and re-stowed my machete yesterday after stumbling upon refinery 29’s  unveiling of trager delaney’s fall lookbook.

color me mint green with pistachio sprinkles happy!

these fitted suits and lush, drapey skirts have me bribing mr. weatherman for cold fronts and gale-force winds.


and if you read anything this weekend, this is definitely a must-read. chris mccombs, my new guru, breaks it down perfect.

simple. true, and honest.

which of these most resonated with you?

wishing you a weekend of major bad-assery. see you on the other side of sunday.